The House of Joy
KELE 2042 Album Cover Art 30x30 RGB


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  • Komedia Studio, Brighton

Join us as we welcome Kele to the Komedia Studio.

Kele Okereke has never been one to shy away from politics. His work with Bloc Party, as well as his own output – most recently his highly acclaimed 2019 musical, ​Leave To Remain – has grappled with everything from government corruption to sexual and racial identity. So it should come as no surprise that Kele’s fourth solo album is his most political work to date – not least given what he describes as the “morally bankrupt time” we are living through.

Kele’s fourth album​ ​is his most multifaceted work to date: consolidating all the solo work that has come before, he melds genres in a way that sounds more confident than ever, while pushing forward in the canon of protest. The message here is one of disrupting systemic repression, of shedding light on stories that lay untold; but also, it’s one of celebration. ​2042 is a record that looks forward to that point where Kele’s identity and his children’s identity, aren’t all things to be innately politicised, but instead are just soft, intimate normalities.