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Spinning Coin by Owen Godbert 300dpi

Spinning Coin

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  • The Prince Albert, Brighton

On February 21st, Spinning Coin will release their second album Hyacinth via Geographic. A brave step forward, Hyacinth is an album full of poetry, light and warmth of heart, and presents a band holding nothing back. It registers a number of changes for the group since their debut LP Permo in 2017: personnel changes, geographical changes, a new context, an ever-changing world outside.

The quartet both lost and gained a member, with Cal Donnelly exiting the group, and Rachel Taylor joining. Rachel and Sean Armstrong have relocated, leaving Glasgow for Berlin – Rachel, from Canada, had no choice but to leave the UK, and Sean followed her. “I think if anything the change has brought us closer as a band,” Rachel reflects, “and made it clear to us that we wanted to continue making music together".

Today, Spinning Coin are pleased to share the first song from Hyacinth born of this new set up, “Feel You More Than World Right Now”. With an animated video directed by Joseph May, “Feel You More Than World Right Now” is an Armstrong penned song – now one of three songwriters in the band alongside Jack Mellin and Taylor.